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For packing and shipping frozen or refrigerated items, look no further than Cold Freight Services. We’ve been hauling expedited and temperature sensitive freight throughout the Southeast for over 20 years.  Our competitive rates and range of services speak for themselves.  We have a complete line of temperature control products including dry ice, Styrofoam coolers, and gel packs.  Our dispatch staff is available 24/7 and is glad to help you resolve problems.  Cold Freight Services is a quick, cost-effective solution to your temperature sensitive delivery needs.

Pack it.

Whether you’re shipping refrigerated or frozen items such as ice cream or dairy products, Cold Freight Services has packaging options that will help insure the integrity of your shipment.

Haul it.

Our Perishable Hot Shot delivery service provides expedited deliveries around the Southeast and beyond.  Our quick response drivers are trained in handling temperature sensitive cargo.

Ship It.

For domestic and international shipments, FedEx is a great option.  Cold Freight Services has been shipping air freight and FedEx since 2003.  Whether you need a larger project fulfilled or just a few cases, we can handle it.

Our Services

Hot Shot Delivery

24/7 Expedited deliveries around the southeast and beyond.

Packing Services

We can pick up your outbound freight as-is and pack it to ship at our facility,

Small Business Shipping

We can tailor our program to fit most small business needs, allowing you to have the most efficient service at the right cost


We can provide emergency, disaster recovery and specialized support services for you and your customers. Please contact us for details.

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Cold Freight Services offers a variety of coolers and box sizes available for packing and shipping your frozen/refrigerated items. All of our dry ice, coolers, and gel packs are available in large or small quantities